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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I deliver every image I shoot?

No, generally I take hundreds of photos with many being duplicates to make sure everyone has their eyes open. Additionally, there will be a few shots where I didn't get the focus quite right that won't make the cut. What I will pass on are the best unique shots of the bunch! 

Will I travel from Eau Claire for an event? 

Yes! While I am based out of Eau Claire, traveling to new locations is always exciting and is part of what makes photography so fun. Generally, I'll travel about half-an-hour give or take without adding any additional charge. If your location is further than that, I may add a small fee to cover my expenses for driving to your location which will be discussed before you sign a contract. Should a flight be necessary, the cost will be communicated in advance and in contract.

What camera do I use?

I always bring two as a precaution in case there is a technical malfunction. The camera I have been using the most recently is my Nikon Z6ii but my backup is a Nikon D750. Both are full frame cameras and are more than capable for portraiture. The only lighting equipment I bring is two mounted flashes (Godox V1), because I much prefer the look of natural light. However, I recognize that in some settings, mainly receptions, an extra light source is necessary. 

How and when will you receive your photos?

I deliver all of my images via a cloud-based service called Cloudspot. You will get a link to an online gallery, and from there, you can download the full resolution files at no extra cost. For convenience, you can also order prints that will be shipped directly to you from a national photo lab. However, this is not required in any way! My turnaround for photos is usually quite quick. A small session may be ready within a few days. However, a wedding will generally take more time (1-3 weeks). 

Why does photography cost so much?

While I try to keep my photography accessible to all, I recognize how expensive it is! So to help break it down, here are some of my expenditures that go into an 8 hour wedding. 

I have several monthly expenditures including insurance and monthly subscriptions to editing/delivery services ($200). On top of that, I have invested heavily in the equipment I use. Both of my camera bodies retail at well over $1,500 new. And of course there's the cost of finding new clients through various forms of advertising ($150/month). Add a mix of a handful of lenses ranging from $300-$1000 per lens, $3000 for a computer with enough power to adequately edit, $300 in one-time editing software purchases, and $500 for the mounted flashes and you start to get a picture of how much I've invested (there's more, but after a point it gets redundant). 

Now there's the time component. For an 8 hour shoot, there's obviously the initial 8 hours of labor for the actual event. Editing will take at least twice that long, if not considerably longer (speed editing is an art I have not yet mastered). But what is often overlooked is the amount of time spent generating leads on the front end. By the time you've stumbled onto my page, I've spent countless hours building a social media presence and fine-tuning a website to cooperate with Google SEO, building backlinks, optimizing images for load speed, doing A/B tests, etc...

And I haven't even begun to touch on other basic needs such as food, transportation, and the roof over my head...

All of this factors into what I have to charge to make a profit and provide a comfortable life while I also give myself the potential for growth. 

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