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Hi there! I'm Erik Weiss, a freelance photographer who grew up in the gorgeous Chippewa Valley. After living and studying in Madison for four years and after a short stint abroad, I have returned to my roots here in Eau Claire. Each landscape or person I photograph has played a formative role in shaping the lens through which I view the world.

I strive to capture the natural beauty in every setting. I often find myself traveling off the beaten path, with my camera in tow, in search of magical locations. I don't use a flash or altered lighting if I can help it. Instead, I use the natural lighting to capture my subjects, whether they are people or landscapes, at their best. 

Life moves so quickly we often miss the little details. A shy smile between newlyweds, a child in mid laugh, or the vibrant autumn colors before the first freeze. I strive to catch the beauty in these moments and preserve them so they'll last a lifetime.

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2543 Botsford Avenue

Altoona, WI 54720


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